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Appearance and Lifespan

The orcs generally stand between 5’ 4” and 5’ 10” tall and weigh between 150 and 250 pounds. Their skin tones range from green to gray to copper, depending on their region and ancestry. Most orcs have black hair and tend to have orange, red, or brown eyes, though some have been reported with yellow eyes. Orcs reach maturity at the age of 15 and can live to be up to 50. Half orcs will share more traits with their other half when it comes to their lifespan.

History and Nature

The orcish folk have had a tough time assimilating within the other “good” races, being on the lower end of the intelligent bracket, but assimilate they have. Even still, some still cling to their old traditions and live in tribes, worshipping old gods that have been forgotten to all but those who are still dedicated.

The orcs had been in a strenuous pact with the goblins of the land for many years, which caused many wars, with the surrounding peoples and within their own ranks alike. The orcs grew weary of the goblins after several betrayals from several of the more influential goblin leaders, which lead to many orc deaths. The orcs split from the goblins and went on their own path, struggling to maintain their forces with the people of the land on one front, and the goblin and goblin kin on the other. This stalemate went on for nearly 500 years.

The orcs were once looked upon with fear by the people of the “goodly” folk, mainly because of their brutish, waring past, but many were tired of the wars and fighting. Finally, in the year 4173, a council was held among the leaders of these “goodly” races to determine the fate of the orcish people. The orcs were not included in the first half of the meetings, for which they felt slighted, but were later invited to be a part of the rest. The meetings ended up taking nearly two weeks to decide, but it was finally decided that, should they desire it, the orcs would be helped along a better path and integrated amongst the towns and cities of the other races.

While some orcs approached this opportunity with caution, many of them embraced it, tired of watching their own kinfolk slaughtered by the hundreds in wars that were fought simply out of anger and aggression. The first decade or two were slightly difficult, as the orcs had to learn how to fit into their new society, while society had to learn to accept their more gruff companions. Once blended, however, the orcs became a normal sight in nearly every town and city, though they maintained a sort of mischievous spirit.

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