Neathrius is the smallest of the three regions that make up Afloria. Being half the size of Esalon, and nearly a quarter of the size of Modatha, it may be confusing how it can fit two completely separate factions of Elves scattered throughout the region, especially when they were both in a full-fledged war at an unknown time in the past.




Neathrius spans from the center of the northern hemisphere to nearly the southern tip of the planet, making its climate quite varied. While the southern lands are more hostile and freezing, the Elves of the land have found a way to make things work for themselves, growing and cross-breeding crops and plants that produce flavors that only they could. Spices are amongst the highest export of Neathrius.



The Darthone capital city is that of Shn Esari, sitting on the West coast, just SouthEast of the Faldir mountain range. The Darthone ruler, Lord Anlyth Elawyn resides here and helps oversee the day-to-day dealings of the city. While not necessarily the “chosen ruler” of all of the Darthonians, Lord Elawyn is well respected and loved by all of the Darthone Elves.


The Thellaserine capital city, on the other hand, is that of Avethyr. This cold but luscious palace city sits in the SouthEast on the Eastern coast. High Priestess Taeral Shaynore is the decided leader of the Thellaserine Elves, voted to power by a council of priests and priestesses over a century past.

People of Neathrius

The two factions in Neathrius are the Dorthone, the Elves who believe in using magic as little as possible, and the Thellaserine, the Elves who were corrupted, and now rely on magic to sustain their own lives.

Neathrius is home only to Elves and the occasional Dwarven citadel or community, though the Dwarves tend to stay in their mountainous caves and keep to themselves. Humans and other races will occasionally wander through Neathrius, and while they are treated with a loose respect, this occurrence is rare.


Both the Darthone and Thellaserine people have had the same governing and policing system set in place for nearly 4,000 years; locally controlled militia-like establishments. Each town or city has their own small government with elected officials that report to the capitals.

Use of Magic


The Darthone decided that they would not allow the practices of certain magics in their cities and towns. Only those magics of the most incorruptible kind were allowed, that of healing and mending. Herbs and natural potions are their preferred methods for dealing with most ailments first, however.

Practicing illegal magics will have you condemned to jail, or often even worse.


The Thellaserine Elves, however, heavily rely on their dabbling in magic so many years ago. (See Link) Nearly all magic is allowed in the Thellaserine towns and cities.

Blood Magic

The one thing about magic that both factions of Elves have been able to agree on is Blood Magic. Outlawed in all towns and cities, Blood Magic will net you the death penalty. Often, this death penalty will be a public execution for all to see what happens when you make a pact with a demon.

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