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History Edit

Emperor Langrave Helyet is the Emperor of the Esalon Empire, better known as Emperor Grave.

He is a man of average height and build, but that is where anything about him stops being described as average. His eyes are sunken into his skull and blood red. His hair is long and straight, but bone white. His beard is what an ancient wizard would dream of, only pitch black. There always seems to be a lack of light around the man, as if the light is afraid to touch someone so dark.

He looks as if he is merely 35 years old, but no one knows how old he truly is, though it is commonly known that he has been alive since the split of Modatha and Esalon, which was several hundred years before.

It is said that he maintains his life by drawing the life essence of the prisoners beneath his castle. Not quite killing them, but slowly draining them so that he cab remain in his prime. This has never been truly confirmed, however it is entirely possible.

He harnesses the same power of an elf in their 500’s who has dedicated their entire life to dark magic.

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