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Ruled by King Terrill Merek, Modatha takes up most of the land of Afloria, ranging from north to south, being almost the entire center of the map. Esalon, on the other hand, is much smaller and takes up everything East of Falonde and Lawold, and West of Lewes. (See map for locations)


Since Modatha ranges from the northernmost section of the planet to the southernmost section, it has the most varied terrain of the three main regions. Due to this, it also has the most diverse population by far, having cities and towns including major race making it up.


It’s capital city is Cyrilia, sitting nearly in the heart of the continent. It is said that no army has ever breached the walls of Cyrilia, though many have tried.


Modatha is a monarchy with subsections that rely on its governors, lords, holy paladins, and city watch orders to keep the peace amongst its citizens.

Use of Magic

The Kingdom of Modatha has embraced and praised the use of magic in everyday life, stating that it can, and will continue to, benefit the world. Healing centers use magic and natural remedies to help those who are in need (without question) and demand no payments, though donations are always appreciated.

Blood Magic

King Merek has banned the use of blood magic throughout his entire kingdom, knowing that it is a sin amongst sins. If caught using blood magic, you will be executed on site without trial.

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