Appearance and Lifespan

Humans tend to be between 4’11” and 6’4” tall and generally weigh between 115 and 250 pounds. Their skin tone, hair, and eye colors all vary depending upon their ancestry, background, regional history, and several other factors. Most hair colors, however, tend to stay around the brown or blonde hues, the eye colors tend to stay brown, blue, green, hazel, or some variant of those, and their skin tends to take on an earthy color, though the pigment can differ greatly. Humans reach maturity in their mid to late teens and can live between 70 and 100 years (if they’re careful enough).

History and Nature

Humans are by far the most numerous of the “goodly” folk in Afloria, though “goodly” seems to be a gray area for many of them. They are also the first of the two original “goodly” races to have populated Afloria. Multiplying and expanding seem to be their two biggest loves in life, war and the pursuit of knowledge being the other two. They also tend to think themselves above all others due to their superior numbers.

With life spans shorter than many of the other larger “goodly” races, humans tend to be more reckless in the pursuit of knowledge, knowing that they do not have as much time on the world as others. Due to this recklessness, the ones that live tend to make the most powerful, and sometimes the most dangerous, magic wielders.

Humans are also known to be the most diverse of all of the races that make up Afloria, not having a preference of lifestyle over any other. They are known to dabble in nearly every profession, hobby, study, or interest known to history. They are also known to adapt extremely quickly. One generation may not fare so well in a climate, but their children will inherit the necessary genes to thrive. They are the only race known to Afloria to do this at such a rapid pace, and such have become the most numerous on the surface of the world.

While humans generally try to agree on end goals for their race, they do not always agree with certain practices amongst their people. This led to a divide between two major powers in the year 3368. The Kingdom of Modatha and the Esalon Empire were formed because of this. Even though they were divided and often warred, however, there is a strenuous peace when necessary to discuss matters of import.

Since the humans numbered so many, those other races caught up in the divide of powers were simply along for the ride. They suddenly found themselves surrounded by propaganda telling them about their new “faction” and coaxing them to shun the other. Many found this practice from the humans to be petty and foolish, though found they had no other choice in the matter.

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