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Appearance and Lifespan

Gnomes are very small humanoid creatures that stand between 2’ 6” and 2’ 11” tall and weigh between 25 and 35 pounds. They have no set skin tone, hair, or eye color, ranging from blues to pinks and purples, or browns, oranges, reds, and greens. They have exaggerated features that are often accentuated with jewelry and accessories that is seen as unnecessary and gaudy by most races. Most have overly large eyes, ears, and hands for their bodies, making them look slightly unsettling. Gnomes reach maturity around the age of 50 and can live up to the age of 500, though many are too reckless with their magic to see their third century.

History and Nature

Long ago, there was a city of unknown name that was made up of exclusively magical humans near where Hwen is located today. 2,300 years ago, it erupted in a brilliant show of light and magical energies. A blue glow stretched out and surrounded where the city had been. No one dared approach the light, and the area became a place of omen.

250 years passed while the magical energies continued to swirl inside the remnants of the city. The inhabitants of the city were in a stasis, though the magic was far from inactive. It was changing their very existence. Their bodies shrank and became distorted, changing to wild colors. Their minds were warped to accept the magical currents of the world more readily. Their genetic code was rewritten by the very forces they tried to manipulate and they ended up a new race.

Without warning, the magic surrounding the city vanished, revealing the ruins of a once prestigious city. The new race awoke and found themselves at first to be terrifying abominations. With time, however, they found that their new bodies and minds were able to do incredible feats with magic that they could have only dreamt of with their former, human bodies. They quickly came to accept these changes and set out to see what their newfound powers could do for, and to, the world.

Most people reacted to these new creatures with uncertainty at first, not knowing why there were colorful, misshapen creatures running about their towns. Given time, however, the other races came to understand, and accept, the truth of what the gnomes were; magically changed humans.

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