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Ruled by Emperor Langrave Helyet, Emperor Grave for short, Esalon is a war torn land. It lies entirely in the northern hemisphere, taking up everything East of Falonde and Lawold, and everything West of Lewes in the Kingdom of Modatha. (see map for locations)


Esalon has a very stable climate, being in the best half of the hemisphere. This leads to an all year harvest, making the food and production of the overall empire continuously thriving.


Esalon’s capital city is Norwich, situated on the largest inland body of water in all of Afloria. This body of water is known as The Tides of Norwich and can span nearly 2,000 miles. The defenses of Norwich exceed even Modatha’s capital, Cyrilia, by combining a circular pattern, moats, ballista, and multiple other defenses.


Emperor Grave keeps a tight grip on his subjects, generally ruling through fear and sheer power. Those who serve him loyally and without question are rewarded with gifts, power, and position. Those who question and defy, however, are silenced and forever forgotten. He uses a series of lords, governors, and military watches to keep order amongst his subjects.

Use of Magic

Magic is not necessarily banned in the Esalon Empire, however those who wish to learn or practice magic must receive special permission from their local lords. If you are caught practicing magic without the proper permissions, punishments can be quite severe.

Blood Magic

Blood magic is feared throughout all lands and is generally illegal. There is no way to receive permission to learn or practice this least known to the general populace of Esalon. Emperor Grave is a cruel and twisted man who will bestow and demand the use of blood magic by only the highest of his officers and clergy. He has these men and women harness blood magic to do the cruelest and most torturous of all of his deeds, often using them to raze cities to the ground.

People of the Esalon Empire

While the climate is stable, the people are not. Elves are looked at with disdain and generally not allowed in most cities or towns. Orcs are tolerated, though it is unsure if this is due to their abilities in combat or if Emperor Grave just doesn’t care about the Orcs. All other races, especially Dwarves, are generally welcomed, though mainly humans inhabit Esalon.

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