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Appearance and Lifespan

They tend to be on the average side of height compared to humans, generally staying between 5’ 0” and 5’ 9”. They do, however, tend to be much slimmer than humans. Elves reach adulthood around the age of 75 and tend to live well into their 700’s, though it isn’t uncommon for some to pass their 1,000th birthday.

History and Nature

The elven people used to be of a singular mind. Being the second of the two original “goodly” races to populate Afloria, they used to share the land and never war with each other. That is no longer the case, however. At an unknown time in the past, they split into two different passively warring factions; The Dorthone and The Thellaserine.


The Dorthone were the first to speak against their brethren. They believed that the elves should stick to the old traditions and not dip too far into the magics of the universe, as they thought that it would bring an imbalance to the world. They saw how easily magic was corrupting the humans and saw that is was happening to their kinfolk as well. They soon walked away from those who had become obsessed with researching and dabbling in the magical arts and founded their own towns and cities.

They soon decided that they would not allow the practices of certain magics in their cities and towns. Only those magics of the most incorruptible kind were allowed, that of healing and mending. Herbs and natural potions are their preferred methods for dealing with most ailments first, however.

Tending to stick to smaller cities and towns the Dorthone generally have a copper/red hue to their otherwise fair skin, and a variety of hair and eye colors.


The Thellaserine laughed at their kin when they expressed their worry of magic. They stated that magic was the only way for the elves to maintain any semblance of power in the world. They accepted when their kin left with naught but a nod and continued with their magical research and dabbling.

Soon, changes started to take effect on their bodies. Their copper/red skin started to take on a bluish-green hue, instead, causing them to look sick and ghastly. Their eyes started to glow and turn orange, red, or black. These changes, while subtle at first, began to cause widespread panic through the Thellaserine people. Soon their research turned from gaining power to finding a cure. Centuries passed until finally a ritual was performed that brought all the Thellaserine elves as close back to their old selves as possible. They maintained a slight green hue to their skin, and their eyes continued to glow, but were of a copper color.

From then on out, the Thellaserine elves were much more careful in their magical dabbling. Some of them have even gone so far as to attempt to give magic up completely, only to find out that to sustain a healthy body, they must manipulate magic on a regular basis. Such is the curse of the Thellaserine; to be so gifted with the magical arts, yet rely on it so heavily for life itself.

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