Appearance and Lifespan

Most dwarves will stand between 4’1” and 4’8” and weigh between 150 and 200 pounds., and they all have beards. Their eyes and hair tend to stay earthy colors, though this does stray from the norm occasionally. Their skin also tends to keep an earthy tone, often being a bronze color. Dwarves tend to reach maturity around the age of 40 and live to see their late 300’s. Many dwarves will have their clan crest tattooed onto the small bit of skin on their cheek that is showing, proving their undying loyalty.

History and Nature

Though they only “resurfaced” to the Aflorian people around 2,000 years ago, they have actually been deep in the mountainous caves for millennia. While there may be many variations and tales of how the dwarves came to be, the one thing that they all have in common is that the dwarves descended from the humans. The true history was lost somewhere in the archives nearly 10,000 years ago. The tale has changed from family to family, and from generation to generation so much, that each dwarf could tell you the story of how the dwarves came to be, and they’d each be different, except that somehow, some way, they all descended from humans.

The dwarven people tend to stick to their clans and birth homes, some never leaving their entire lives. Many clans call mountainous caves their homes, while other call cave-like structures in the sides of hills their homes. There are some clans, however, that encourage their newer generations to venture out and experience the world. These practices are seen as curious by many of the other, more traditional clans, but are still respected; kin are kin, after all.

Even though most dwarves stick to their homes, they are not ignorant of their surroundings and engage in politics when necessary, sometimes including themselves in higher up political matters to ensure the safety of the people in their immediate vicinity. Over the years, this led to one of the dwarven clans creating their own paladin order in 4382, the Iron Fellowship. At first, this caused a lot of fuss amongst the other dwarven communities. That is, until the dwarven paladins were seen as one of the mightiest forces that had ever come from the dwarven clans.

For years up until that point, dwarves were looked at as unintelligent humanoids that were only good for mining and forging. This thinking, however, was abruptly changed when the Iron Fellowship was founded. The dwarves suddenly had a new image. They were looked upon with respect. The people of Afloria saw them for what they were; cunning, loyal folk who would do whatever it took to get the job done.

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