Introduction to Afloria

Afloria is a wonderful, rich world. Roughly 18,000 miles in circumference, Afloria is a world in which both life and Magic thrive. It is home to many “goodly” species of life, chief among them are the HumansElves, and Dwarves, along with Halflings, Gnomes, and Orcs. There are also many “evil” species inhabiting Afloria, spreading chaos and despair. Goblins and Goblin Kin are currently at the head of these species, though the balance of power for them is ever changing. Demons and other magical creatures have been known to either wander to or be summoned to Afloria, but those are generally circumstantial.

The planet is tilted and spins in a way that the upper half of world receives more heat than the lower half all year long, resulting in an almost perpetual winter-like state in the southern regions. These southern regions have adapted well to this climate over the many thousands of years and are able to sustain special crops during their growing season. Though their crops are hardy, they tend not have much taste. Northern visitors beware!

The northern regions have a lush forest-like environment that spans nearly the entire continent, only seeming to break where civilization has decided to make its mark or nature has decided to lay a different claim to the land, such as a mountain range or a large expanse of water. This region has a nearly all-year growing season and can prosper much easier than their southern brethren.

Though most of the wilderness remains unspoiled, except for in the areas of civilization, there are a few exceptions. From time-to-time, explorers will come across ancient ruins that seem to be completely out of place, yet perfectly in harmony with their surroundings. Not much is known about these ruins, and those who study them are unable to obtain any new answers.

It is generally believed that the world is nearly 600,000,000 years old, though written and recorded history only started roughly 22,000 years ago, while the current recorded date is somewhere in the 4,500’s.

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